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Seven Years With Barbie

Before working in the beauty business, I spent seven years as the writer for, creating copy for anything written or spoken on the website as well as other digital outlets. It was a phenomenal opportunity and my first crack at branding and creative strategy on a global level.



  • Barbie Wii Game – Wrote voiceover and game copy for Groom and Glam Pups Nintendo Wii game.
  • Generated content ideas and wrote game copy for various Barbie careers including Computer Engineer, Race Car Driver, Rock Star, Pastry Chef, Snowboarder and Wildlife Doctor.
  • Barbie “So In Style” – Wrote bios and original vignettes for a new line of African-American Barbie friends.
  • Barbie Pink Ticket Party  – Wrote sweepstakes copy and hosted series of videos covering an event for Barbie contest winners ages 2-11.
  • Vote for Barbie – Wrote copy for a very successful campaign encouraging fans to vote for Barbie‚Äôs next career. Ultimately, the initiative generated over half a million votes and tons of press.



  • Copywriting
  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Game Copy
  • Voiceover Scripts
  • Naming